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All our codes are delivered within 1 hour, in most cases a lot sooner. Orders placed after 10:30 PM Pacific Standard Time will be fulfilled the following morning. Codes will be sent via email. 

Pre-orders will be delivered no later than the date posted via the movie description. 

Please do not inquire about your order(s) or pre-order(s) unless we fail to deliver on time. 


We do not accept returns or exchanges for digital movies once they have been sent out. This is to prevent redemption after refunding. 

It is the your responsibility to read the movie description and double check that you do not already own the title before making a purchase!


PayPal is our payment processor.

Please double check your library upon purchase, to avoid purchasing a title you already own. We will not be responsible of replacing or refunding you if this mistake occurs.


If any case a code is not working as intended,  you will be asked to provide evidence through screenshots of your movie library and code redeem. Screenshots are necessary in order for us to investigate any issues that have occurred. A prompt replacement or refund will be issued if we are at fault.

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